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About Me

Joey Rocha is a seasoned technology leader adept at driving innovative solutions through his expertise in programming languages, systems analysis, data visualization, and SQL. Proficient in a wide array of technical tools including SQL, JavaScript, React, Python, Tableau, and Salesforce, Joey effectively collaborates with cross-functional teams to exceed project expectations. With a Bachelor of Science in Management in IT from Cal State East Bay and additional certifications in W3Schools Fullstack Development, Google Data Analytics, Tableau, and Project Management, Joey is primed to spearhead technological advancements and foster organizational triumph in any setting.

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Javascript
  • Sequelize
  • R


2018 - 2020

Bachelors Degree

In December of 2020 I recieved my ITM Bachelors degree where I learned how to solve data problems using Python, SQL and Database Theory.


Salesforce Admin Certification

The SalesForce Admin cert was my first stepping stone to getting a job learning how to manage and build objects,custom reporting and user management in a CRM.


Google Project Management Certification

Awarded in 2021 this Certification assisted me in getting a more understanding of Project Management fundamentals and exposing me the agile methodology

2023 - 2024

W3 Schools FullStack Bootcamp

Participated in a rigorous full-stack web development bootcamp to further enhance my capabilities as a software engineer. This immersive program has equipped me with a broad spectrum of skills spanning front-end to back-end development, strengthening my ability to contribute effectively to new software development projects. I am now better equipped to deliver innovative solutions and drive success in software engineering endeavors.


2021 - 2022

Project Manager

I conducted troubleshooting of new software through User Acceptance Testing (UAT), identifying bugs and improvements to enhance organizational understanding and user documentation. Additionally, I implemented dashboards in Salesforce to monitor project milestones and data quality, significantly improving company-wide transparency on project outcomes. I played a key role in creating and delivering technical and operational training, utilizing online learning tools to establish a department-wide understanding of tools, and developing documentation for onboarding new users and staff, emphasizing data fundamentals, processes, custom reporting, and best practices

2022 - 2023

Data Solutions Specialist 2

I designed and executed data visualizations for directors, supervisors, and employees, ensuring timely deliverables and milestone achievement. Collaborating with internal and external development teams, I focused on innovative solutions while adhering to standards and best practices, actively participating in projects to introduce new functionalities and onboard business units. Additionally, I coordinated testing efforts, developed training materials and process guides, and created Python scripts for Excel automation, streamlining data cleanup processes and task completion efficiency.

2023 - 2023

Database Administrator

As a Database Administrator at BVHPF, I have conducted thorough analyses, recommended strategic enhancements, and led the evaluation, design, and implementation of new business applications. My role involved synthesizing business intelligence, driving change management, facilitating clear communication between technical solutions and stakeholders, collaborating with vendors, and utilizing SQL scripting for data analysis to enhance process efficiencies and ensure data integrity.

My Projects

  • React Portfolio Website

    Project 1 description

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